When Using Adobe Illustrator 10/CS/CS2/CS3

This section explains how to use Adobe Illustrator 10/CS/CS2/CS3 to create cutting data.

Register in the swatch library the spot color to use for cutting lines.

  1. Load the VersaWorks DVD-ROM into the DVD-ROM drive.
  2. Open the Illustrator folder in the SpotColorLibrary folder.
  3. Copy the "Roland VersaWorks.ai" file to the Swatches folder (or the Swatch Libraries folder) in the folder where Adobe Illustrator is installed.

Create cutting data, which includes the cutting lines.

  1. Start Adobe Illustrator, and then select File - New from the menu.
    The New Document window appears.
  2. Change settings such as the Color Mode if necessary, and then click OK.
  3. Create the illustration data.
  4. Click Window - Swatch Libraries - VersaWorks from the menu.
    The VersaWorks swatch library is displayed.
  5. Select only the path that you want to make into a cutting line, and then select Stroke in the tool palette.

  6. Select the swatch named CutContour in the swatch library.
    The color of the specified path changes to CutContour.
  7. Save the data in EPS format.
    Add the saved file to the job list and execute cutting to cut the media along the path drawn with the above procedure.