Creating a Spot Color Library

This section explains how to create a spot color library.

  1. Click Edit - Spot Color Settings.
    The Spot Color Settings window appears.
  2. Click .
    The Create Spot Color Library window appears.
  3. Enter the desired name in Spot Color Library Name.
  4. Select the Specify Color Space check box, and then select the color space.
    • When using a measurement instrument, be sure to set the color space to Lab.
    • Once a library is created, you will not be able to change the library name and color space settings.
  5. Click OK.
    A new spot color library is created.
  6. Select the name of the newly created spot color library, and then click .
    The list is added to Spot Color Name.
  7. Select a spot color that was added, and then enter the Color Name.
  8. Select the Define Output Values check box, and then enter the color value.
    • When you know the Lab value of the spot color
      • Enter the value directly.
    • When using a measurement instrument to enter the Lab value
      • You can also use a measurement instrument to enter the Lab value. Before performing the operations shown below, refer to the instruction manual of your measurement instrument to prepare it for measurement. You also need to configure the measurement instrument's settings in the Preferences window.
        1. Click Calibrate. The measurement instrument is calibrated.
        2. Click Measure. When the Start Measurement window appears, use the measurement instrument to perform the measurement. The Lab value is displayed when the measurement is finished.
    • When a color space setting other than Lab is selected
      • Directly enter the color values of the process color after the conversion. (For example: C: 0, M: 0, Y: 100, K: 0)
  9. Click OK.
    The changed settings are saved.
    Tip: Be sure to click OK. If you click Cancel, a confirmation window appears to confirm that you want to discard the changes. If you click Yes in this confirmation window, the window is closed and no changes made to the settings or newly registered spot colors are saved.