Registering a Color by Measuring with an Instrument

This section explains how to register the Lab value of a color measured with a measurement instrument as the output color of a special color in cases such as when you have a printing sample.

  1. Refer to the instruction manual of your measurement instrument to prepare it for measurement.
  2. Click Edit - Preferences.
    The Preferences window appears.
  3. Configure the measurement instrument's settings on the Preferences tab.
  4. Click Edit - Special Color Settings.
    The Special Color Settings window appears.
  5. Click .
    The Create New Special Color Library window appears.
  6. Enter the desired name in Special Color Library Name.
  7. Click OK.
    A new special color library is created.
  8. Select the name of the newly created special color library.
  9. Click .
    The input colors and output colors are displayed.
  10. Under Input Color, click (RGB) or (CMYK) to specify the color space of the input color, and then enter the color values.
  11. Under Output Color, click (Lab).
  12. Click Calibrate.
    The calibration of the measurement instrument starts.
  13. When the calibration of the measurement instrument finishes, click Measure.
    The Start Measurement window appears.
  14. Use the measurement instrument to perform the measurement.
    The Lab value is displayed when the measurement is finished.
  15. Click OK.
    Tip: Be sure to click OK. If you click Cancel, a confirmation window appears to confirm that you want to discard the changes. If you click Yes in this confirmation window, the window is closed and no changes made to the settings are saved.