Replicating and Editing the Spot Color Library

This section explains how to add new spot colors to and change the color values in spot color libraries that have been created.

  1. Click Edit - Spot Color Settings.
    The Spot Color Settings window appears.
  2. Select the library that you want to edit.
    Tip: You can only edit those libraries for which Attribute is User Defined.
  3. Select a spot color within the library, and then click .
    The spot color is replicated.
  4. Select a spot color that was replicated, and then enter the Spot Color Name.
  5. Enter the color values.
  6. When you are finished with the editing work, click OK.
    Tip: Be sure to click OK. If you click Cancel, a confirmation window appears to confirm that you want to discard the changes. If you click Yes in this confirmation window, the window is closed and no changes made to the settings or newly registered spot colors are saved.