Step 1: Create New Media

Create new media.

  1. Click Media - Media Explorer.
    The Media Explorer window appears.
  2. Click .
    The Create New Media window appears.
  3. Enter the media name in Media Name.
  4. Select the Template, and then click OK.
    The media you created is added to the Media Explorer window.
    • Available templates vary by printer. Select the template according to the type of media (such as PVC and banner) to be registered.
    • To create new media by using existing media as a template, follow the procedure below.
      1. Select the media to use as the template, and then click . The Copy Media window appears.
      2. Enter the media name, and then click OK.
    • You can rename the media later.
      1. Select the media, and then click . The Change Media Name window appears.
      2. Enter the new name for the media, and then click OK.
Step 2: Prepare to Create a Profile