Adjusting the Printing Position in the Layout Area

This section explains how to set the printing position while checking it in the layout area in the Job Settings window.

  1. In the job list, double-click the job.
    The Job Settings window appears.
  2. Click .
  3. Click .
  4. Click the preview image in the layout area.
    The preview image of the selected job is highlighted with a light blue border.

    Tip: Select multiple jobs by clicking the preview images while holding down the Shift key or by dragging the mouse pointer over the preview images.
  5. Drag the selected preview image to a new location in order to set its printing position.
    Jobs cannot overlap each other. If you drag a preview image on top of the preview image of another job, a red box appears as shown in the figure.

    In the layout area, you can use the layout editing tools to set the printing position.

  6. Click OK.
    You can check the job's printing position in the layout window of the top screen.