Setting the Halftone

This section explains how to determine the method for processing by the RIP.

  1. Click for the queue folder that you want to use.

    The Queue Properties window appears.
  2. Click .
  3. Select the media to use in printing from the Media Type list.
  4. Use Print Quality to select the printing quality.
    If Resolution and Mode are selectable, select those as well.
    The available parameters for Resolution and Mode vary depending on the media setting in the Media Explorer window.
  5. Select a halftone from the Halftone list.
    • Dither: A screening method that uses a specific dithering pattern to yield fast processing by the RIP.
    • Error Diffusion: Images are printed with finer details. The time required for processing by the RIP is longer than when [Dither] is used.
    The Halftone Options button is only enabled when the output data contains an angled screen.
  6. Click OK.
    You can also perform the same operations in the Job Settings window. The estimated printing time of the job for each Print Quality mode is displayed in the Job Settings window.