Step 2: Create a Database

In order to print in variable fields, you will need a database. This section explains how to use spreadsheet software to create a database.

  1. Start the spreadsheet software.
  2. Enter the names of the spot colors created in Step 1 into the first row.
  3. Enter the text to write into the variable fields in their corresponding columns.

    • Be careful to avoid mistaking the rows and columns.
    • If you want to print an image in a variable field, type the absolute path to the folder where the image file is stored.
    • Use image files in file formats that can be directly opened in VersaWorks (TIFF (LZW-compressed or uncompressed), EPS, JPEG, PDF, or PostScript).
  4. Save the file.
    Save the file in one of the following file formats:
Step 3: Load the Files Required for Variable Printing