Performing Cutting Only/Printing and Cutting Continuously

The cut only process and the cutting immediately after printing with automatic media pull-back process share similar operation procedures. This section explains these two operation methods.

  1. Click for the queue folder that you want to use.

    The Queue Properties window appears.
  2. Click .
  3. Select one of the following settings from the Operation Mode list to match the purpose:
    • To perform cutting only
      • Cut Only
    • To perform printing and cutting continuously
      • Print & Cut
  4. If necessary, perform the operations shown below.
    • To cut along all lines (paths) drawn in vector format in the data

      • Select the Cut All Paths check box. All paths will be recognized as cutting lines and will be cut regardless of whether they are drawn with the spot color (CutContour).

    • To cut the border of the job regardless of whether a cutting line is present

      • Select the Cut Image Boundaries check box.

    • To return the media to the origin (the position before cutting) after cutting

      • Select the Return to Origin After Cut check box.

    • To configure printer cutting conditions such as the blade force

      • Select the Cutting Conditions Settings check box to enable the settings.

  5. Configure other settings such as the media settings if necessary.
  6. Click OK.
    • The source data of the job is an EPS file.
    • A cutting line has been drawn around the border.

      If both of the above conditions are met, additional settings are required. If you do not configure these additional settings, it may not be possible to cut a part of the border. Configure the settings shown below.

    1. In the Queue Properties window, click .
    2. Enter the value in Margin under EPS.
      • If you scale the image in the Queue Properties or Job Settings window, the size of the margin will also be scaled.

      • When you add a job to the job list, the margin set with Margin is automatically added within the range specified by the border.

  7. Add the job containing cutting lines to the job list, and then start printing.
    • When Cut Only is selected
      • Cutting starts along the cutting lines of the selected job.
    • When Print & Cut is selected
      • First, the job is printed. When printing finishes, cutting starts automatically.
    • You can also change these settings in the Job Settings window after adding a job to the job list. However, you cannot change the Cut All Paths setting or the Margin setting under EPS.

    • If, after printing, you want to allow the ink to dry before starting cutting, set the Dry Time according to the information in Setting the Drying Time after Printing.