4. Preview Area

This area displays the preview, file information, document information, and setting information of the job selected in the job list.

  1. Job preview

    Double-click the preview image to display the Job Settings window.

  2. File information

    The name, creation date and time, and size of the file are displayed.

  3. Document information

    The file type, number of pages, page size, and special items are displayed.

    The meanings of the special items are indicated below.
    Table 1. Special items
    Cutting data is included.
    Variable printing is enabled.
    Data for white ink is included.
    Data for gloss ink is included.
    Data for metallic ink is included.
    Data for primer is included.
  4. Setting information

    The Media Type, Print Quality, and other such job printing settings are displayed.

    When processing by the RIP is performed, "Ink Consumption (Estimate)" changes to "Ink Consumption," and the approximate ink consumption amount is displayed.