Editing Database Files

This section explains how to change the text in and to add new data to the database that has been loaded into VersaWorks.

Use the Variable Data Settings list to perform the editing operations shown below.

  • To change text or images
    • Double-click the cell that you want to change in order to enter the text. On fields with the Image attribute, you can right-click and select Browse to display the Load from File window and change the image file.
  • To add data
    • Click to add a new row at the bottom of the list. Select each cell and enter the text or specify the image file.
  • To delete data
    • Click the number of the data to be deleted, and then click .
  • To save the data list
    • Click . For File type, select CSV (comma-delimited), Text (tab-delimited or space-delimited), or XML, and then click Save….
    Tip: The data's cell color changes if the attribute setting differs from that of the other data.