Printing the Selected Area of the Image

This section explains how to print the selected area of the image. This function is useful when you want to print just a part of a job with a large printing size and check the color tone or picture quality before printing the whole job.

  1. In the job list, double-click the job to be printed.
    The Job Settings window appears.
  2. Click .
  3. Select the Clip Image check box.
  4. Set the part to be printed (the clip area).
    There are two ways to configure this setting:
    • Entering the values
      1. In Size, enter the width and the height of the clip area.
      2. In Top Left Position, enter the location of the upper-left corner of the clip area with the origin at the upper-left corner of the image.
        • Top Left Position can be set within the range such that the clip area set with Size does not go beyond the edges of the original image.
        • Be sure to set Size before setting Top Left Position.
    • Dragging the mouse over the layout area
      1. In the layout area, click .
      2. Point to the small square (the clip point) on the clip line (the red line in the figure). The pointer changes to (a shape with a point in the upper-right corner).
      3. Drag the clip point to set the clip area.
    Tip: To fine-tune the clip area, use and to enlarge the preview image, and then drag the clip point again.
    Tip: You can also combine both methods to configure the settings. For example, you can set the clip area roughly in the layout area, and then fine-tune the clip area by entering the values. You can also maintain the clipped position.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click .
    Processing by the RIP and printing are performed. Only the area set as the clip area is printed.