Preparing for Cutting

Loading the Material

Getting Ready to Receive Data from the Computer
Checking Material Feed

Using the Material with Minimal Waste

Setting the Origin
Optimizing the Cutting Quality for the Material
Performing a Cutting Test
Changing the Blade Force
Adjusting the Cutting-in Amount
Setting the Cutting Conditions
Saving the Cutting Conditions
Loading Cutting Conditions
Cutting Detailed Characters and Complex Shapes
Changing or Checking the Machine's Operation
Changing the Language Used for the Display
Setting the Displayed Unit
Initializing All Settings to Their Default Values
Setting the Communication Type for Connecting to the Computer
Checking the Machine Status
Cutting the Printed Material
Using Crop Marks
Cutting by Automatically Aligning the Position
Cutting by Manually Aligning the Position
Creating the Same Object Repetitively
Preparing the Data for Recutting
Performing Recutting
About the Blades and Materials
General Guide Regarding Cutting Conditions
Loading Position of Material
Cutting Area
Using a Variety of Materials
Menu Flow Chart
What to Do If
Error Messages
Serial Interface Specifications
View the Printing and Cutting Guide