Crop Marks

Crop marks are used for alignment when cutting printed material on the cutting machine. Having the machine remember the positions of the crop marks printed together with the image makes it possible to correct cutting positions.

When to use 4 crop marks vs 3 crop marks

In most cases you should use 4 crop marks. If you use 3 crop marks, it is not possible to use Tool Mode.


Readable crop marks

The sensor of the machine is only able to read crop marks like the circle shown below.

Diameter: 10 mm
Color: Black

*The machine may not be able to read the printed crop marks correctly depending on the printer ink.


Setting the margins and the distance between crop marks

Take into account the margin necessary for cutting the material, and set the crop mark position.

When using CutStudio

When using Illustrator


Tool Marks

Tool marks are used to for manual alignment when it is not possible to perform automatic alignment using crop marks. Tool marks are printed around the crop marks when using the included CutStudio software.