Never touch the tip of the blade.
Doing so may result in injury.

Noticeļ¼šUse the blade which suit material

There is a risk of damage to blade when you cut unspecified sheet because of compatibility between blade and sheet. Use the optimal blade for cutting to sheet material.

Items Required (Included Items)

Blade holder/pin Blade

Adjusting the Amount of Blade Extension

Adjust the amount of blade extension according to the material.
You may not have to make this adjustment. Adjust the amount of blade extension as required.
The amount of blade extension can be adjusted by 0.5 mm for a full turn of the cap.

Installing the Cutting Tool


  1. Loosen the cutting carriage screw.


  2. Install the cutting tool in the cutting carriage.

    Normally, install it in the position shown in the figure (in the rear).
    Install it in the front position when cutting perforated lines.


  3. Tighten the cutting carriage screw.


Material Types and Blade Adjustment
  1. It may be necessary to adjust the amount of blade extension for some types of material, such as material with thin carrier paper. If you are not able to obtain stable cutting results, changing the amount of blade extension can yield better results. For more information, refer to the pages indicated below.