Configuring the Print Quality

Basically, you only need to configure the media type and print quality for the print quality settings since VersaWorks Dual automatically selects the optimal parameters for other settings. However, you can manually configure those additional settings as needed.
Follow the procedure below to manually configure the print quality settings.

  1. Double-click or .
    The [Queue A (B) Properties] window appears.
  2. Click .
  3. Select the media type from the [Media Name] list box, and then select the print quality in [Print Quality].
    If the settings for [Resolution] and [Mode] are also available, select the appropriate option.
  4. Configure the following settings as necessary.
    Setting the halftone
    Select a halftone from the [Halftone] list.
    A screening method that uses a specific dithering pattern which yields a fast RIP processing.
    [Error Diffusion]
    Images are printed with finer details. The time required for RIP processing is longer than when [Dither] is used.
    Configuring the interpolation used for scaling
    Select the interpolation to use for scaling from the [Interpolation] list. The characteristics of the interpolation settings are as follows:
    Nearest Neighbor
    Lowest quality, but the processing speed is high.
    Standard quality and processing speed.
    High quality but low processing speed.
    Configuring the direction of the print head
    Select the direction of the print head from the [Direction] list.
    Prints when the print head moves in either direction.
    Prints only when the print head moves forward. The printing speed is lower but the quality is higher.
    Configuring the print head speed
    To set the print head speed, check the [Ignore Default Settings] check box, and then enter the speed in the [Head Speed] box.
  5. Click [OK].


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