The data received from the computer can be saved to the machine's memory, and then used to recut. To recut, use the REPLOT menu in the display menu.

• All the data received from the time the machine is put in the setup condition to the time the setup condition is canceled is saved.

• The data is not cleared even when the setup condition is canceled.

• If the setup condition is canceled and the machine is then put back in the setup condition again, the data that was saved is overwritten with the new data if data is sent from the computer.

• All data is cleared when the power is turned off.

• If the data stored in the machine's memory exceeds 2 MB, recutting cannot be performed until the data has been cleared. If REPLOT is carried out in this condition, DATA OVERFLOW appears. If no data is in the machine, NO DATA appears when REPLOT is selected from the menu.